Brahms in BristolPilgrimage Blog

This blog follows Tom on his epic second Bach pilgrimage. read

Brahms in BristolBritten violin concerto - short film

This film illustrates aspects of the concerto and includes clips. watch

Brahms in BristolWalton violin concerto 

The Walton violin concerto first entered my teenage consciousness through a set of ancient 78’s found in the attic. At 14, the name Jascha Heifetz used to cause me almost as much of a frisson as my cricketing heroes... more

Brahms in BristolElgar violin concerto

My first memory of the Elgar violin concerto is sitting in the front room aged ten and listening to my father's gramophone. Out came that extraordinary recording of the sixteen-year-old Menuhin and Elgar himself conducting the LSO.  more

Brahms in BristolSzymanowski violin concertos

Szymanowski's music was only peripherally known even in mainstream music circles when I was a student. I certainly knew none of it. It became known to me in the following somewhat haphazard way and has since become a major feature of my repertoire. more