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Gramaphone Magazine Review
Thomas Bowes’s rough-hewn, deeply human new recording of Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas is at every level a reflection on how large a universe a single violinist at Abbey Road Studios in London can create.





Whole Note review








Audiophilia review
With this Bach repertoire, Bowes is jumping with both feet and hair on fire into a pool of recordings played by every master since the recording cylinder was first introduced. Would you want to go up against Szygeti, Heifetz, Kriesler, Perlman and all the highly promoted young lions (and lionesses) from today's house brands? Bowes has guts, goes for glory, and music lovers are the lucky ones. At times, Bowes even tops my favourite recording of the works with Canadian James Ehnes...

Bowes' performance is spellbinding. It's aggressive, submissive and every flavour  more ...




Sonograma (in Romanian)

Thomas Bowes, impeccable... in his spiritual pilgrimage through the music of Bach.







Transcentury Blogspot

Bowes sees these works as essentially inward-looking and contemplative, and accordingly performs them with manifest sincerity and a greater sense of profundity than is usually accorded themBowes’ treatment of the material... is 100% sincere. And it is beautifully paced and played, providing a highly involving listening experience to which one can return repeatedly for added insights. More... 





Audiophile Audition
he illuminates the music in a way that might be best described as getting the special opportunity to examine a fine oil painting with a magnifying glass.





The Arts Desk

...performances of heartfelt intelligence...this is a set with which you'd happily retreat to a darkened room for a few hours. That's what I did, anyway, and emerged thoroughly invigorated. Vibrato is applied sparingly, making it all the more effective. Introspective numbers like the “Sarabande” of Partita No 1 are exquisitely played, and  more...





Planet Hugill

What he gives us is a finely crafted and powerfully vibrant sense of line, elegant and expressive of tone. Whilst there is double stopping, chords and polyphonic passages, it is this sense of line flowing through the pieces which comes across most strongly. More...





BBC Music Magazine

Refined and elegantly poised playing