Washington Post and others 1996 - 2001

The Washington Post February 1998

"Perfectly crafted musicianship....Like a ventriloquist splitting into multiple personalities, Bowes cajoled an astounding variety of voices from his instrument: lush and full-throated declamations gave way to icy pinpoints of sound."

Strings January 2001

" The playing was superb: brilliant, authoritative, free, passionate, totally committed, and powerfully projected. Bowes' tone is intense, variable and pure; his identification with every style was complete, and indeed, in the Bartók and Ravel he exaggerated the Gypsy idiom, playing with unbridled abandon, incessant slides and extreme rhythmic liberties."

The Los Angeles Times February 1997

"In everything he played, Bowes revealed an exacting and deeply felt musicianship."

New York Newsday February 1997

"A powerful performance ...stunning ,virtuosic."

St Louis Post Dispatch February 1996

"..unrestrained emotional ardency and rhythmic intensity ...During the suite's brief Nana the violinist demonstrated exceptionally delicate bowing, producing a sound so ethereal as to be almost ghostly, yet which held together dramatically and projected out into the room.